Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring is in the air and Silas celebrates 1 year of surviving being the second child

Holy did we get here?  We have 2 amazing children, we live in a beautiful city in Southern California, and we only have a few hundred gray hairs to show for it. (Well, at least I only have a few hundred gray hairs...Patrick's a different story.)  Most days go by in a flash but we are trying to enjoy every moment and explore as much as we can.  
Silas celebrated his one year birthday on March 18th, with a cupcake and a big hug from his big sister.  He is always full of laughter and smiles.  He is walking, jabbering, biting, climbing, pointing, and exploring all the wonders of our tropical home.  He even ate a snail, shell and all.  (Mother of the year right here!)  He loves to dance...he definitely has my sense of rhythm.  And he likes his music loud.  I hope to upload the video soon where he shows that he knows just how to turn the volume knob.  When i go to turn it down, he immediately notices and turns it back up.  We are never short on laughs with this one around.  
Harper keeps us in stitches, too.  She always has a story to tell and uses all our big words to boot.  She's always trying to make a deal and negotiate how things should go.  She is very planned and organized.  She loves to play school, dentist, doctor, and most of all, work-out.  She is obsessed with creating workout routines and showing her imaginary playmates how to do each exercise.  She has weights, a yoga mat, and workout bands.  She's also super helpful.  She likes to unload and reload the dishwasher.  She knows where everything goes and is always observing where things are.  If ever we can't find something, we go to Harper. 
We are so enjoying both of them and feel truly lucky (well, not really lucky at 5:30 a.m. or when the latest tantrum hits).  Here are some photos of the last few months of happening: 
Still image of video to come (Silas dancing in the car)
We're sure it won't be last time he's dressed up in his sisters tutu :)
Spring in SoCal...warm enough for nakedness and water tables

Silas has mastered going up and down stairs at lightning speeds

Our first experience on the L.A. metro system (NYC is far superior)
Cool fountain in downtown L.A.
LA modern art museum
Disney Concert Hall and garden

Thanks to Cousin Paul, my friend Angela and I went to the Ellen show
and had a great time away from the kids.

Both my kids love food!

Happy birthday, big boy!  We love you so very much!

This one makes my heart burst wide open

Post cupcake rinse-off

Mini Me?!
These kids love to play in the car...time for new toys?

Lazy morning love
International festival-Grace, Harper, and Silas mesmerized by the Chinese dragon show
Our friends are the best: Jason (the other half of Angela from above) and Leah, at the International festival

Monday, April 29, 2013

Winter fun (SoCal style) with a visit from Nene and Papa and Uncle Tom

Shopping cart fun
Harper and her friend Leah
Silas loves to look out the window and open and close it...even in his birthday suit

Willes piled high
Harper and her friends, Landon and Ansley, cuddled up for a movie...Harper lasted about 5 minutes
Family bike ride to the beach
"Ain't no mountain high enough!

The amazingness of the space shuttle Endeavor was lost on them, but I teared up 

Nene and Papa came for a visit and brought some old costumes of Aunt Heather's...
a big hit with Harper and all her friends
We took the visit as an opportunity for us to go skiing in Whistler B.C. 
Harper trying her hand at a little Valentine's stamping

Harper loves the matching game on our iPad
Leah and Harper loving their workout
and than loving CVS
Here in SoCal it's warm enough in February to play outside naked

After Nene and Papa stayed with Harper and Silas while we went skiing, they went to Hawaii
and then stopped back in town for a few days before going home.
We made sure we took them Schooner or Later (one of their favorite restaurants).

Brother and sister playing through the window

Our great friend from my childhood and Seattle came for a visit...we took him to Laguna Beach for some sunshine